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shop.patnabeats.com is an online merchandise company started with a vision to bring in the Bihari satire in a trendy way.
Very first in its class, the company has opened the market with amazing Bihar-centric products and layouts such as Hoodies, T-Shirts, fridge magnets, Mugs, etc.
The company promotes Bihari culture and aims to add more related products in the near future.

The stereotypical image of Bihar and Bihari that has been formed in the country and the world is not only insulting but is also based on malice and misinformation about this state and its people. This negative image has adversely affected Bihar and Biharis in a big way. It was this stigma associated with the word Bihari that motivated Bashshar Habibullah to start PatnaBeats. He is a Bihari born in Patna and like the majority of young Biharis, he too had to go out of state for higher studies and career. In his case, it was Bengaluru where he went for his graduation and then a job for 4 years. He has an MBA degree from the University of Wales but it was his love for his home and a will to do something to redefine its name that brought him back to Patna. It was then that PatnaBeats started its journey. For three years now, PatnaBeats has been an ever-growing platform for Biharis all around the world to stay connected to their roots. This organization was started with the sole idea of spreading the positive stories from Bihar, the plethora of these stories were being either ignored or not given much importance over the stories of politics and crime by the mainstream media. It became PatnaBeats’ mission to highlight these stories with positivity and human connection to make everyone realize that there’s a lot of good in Bihar and Biharis that is making their own fate even under unfavourable circumstances. This media and merchandise organization is determined to promote the Bihari-ness before the world and contribute whatever it can in redefining and regaining the pride and glory of Bihar.

Redefining an identity is a two-tier process.

You have to change the perception of people towards a particular group. And you also have to change the mentality of that particular group to make them embrace their identity and not be ashamed of it.

We saw that only the negative side of Bihar was shown to the world.
Nobody knew the contribution of Bihar in art and culture. No one knew that lyricists like Shailendra or SH Bihari were from Bihar.
So we highlighted that aspect of Bihar.
We searched for the positive stories, we found people from Bihar who have been doing an incredible thing.
Instead of just looking back at the past we focused on contemporary achievements so it remains relevant.

The other thing we did is to try and remove the stigma that Biharis themselves associated with their identity.
We literally made Biharis wear their identity and display it with pride.
Pride kills shame. So soon we saw that in other states where Biharis used to hide their identity were no more ashamed of their identities.
These t-shirts are not merely clothes but they served as a symbol of resistance that said that we Biharis are no more going to be bullied for who we are.

We were glad to find that it’s not just us who think this way. We were pleasantly surprised that people responded to our efforts with even more enthusiasm. It serves as an example that if you want to do something good, you won’t be alone.
You may start alone but you will find your kaarwan.


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